Everything you need to know

Can you watch us play live before booking?

Yes: There is a Calendar on our website with a list of public performances all around the country you can come watch us at (please be aware we cover lots of different genres at our public performances so it may be best to ask us what the event is first as we may not be playing what we would play at a wedding on said date)

Do we learn songs specifically on request?

Yes: we will learn your first dance on request as long as we are given plenty of notice and the song is possible with the instruments we play, we may also learn songs for other key moments such as:

-Bride walk down the isle 

-Exiting the room as husband and bride

How Much space do we require?

Being a small and we do not require much space and can perform is spaces as small as  2m Squared if required ideally more space would be provided.

How long does It take us to set up?

We aim to arrive at a venue 2 hours before a performance when possible and never any later than 1 hour prior to performance, our set up time is roughly 45 min. 

Do you come with all equipment and lighting? 

Yes: we come with all equipment and lighting that is necessary for our performance all that is needed is a power connection to further than 3 meters away from our performance area, if power is further than the stated venue or client will need to provide extension leads.

How much Deposit is required for booking Synergy?

We require a 35% deposit to confirm date.

Need to Know More?

Still got question? Feel free to get in touch you can email us or give us a bell. We’ll happily answer any of your queries.